President Macron's trio of thorny problems as new political year begins


The first series of the Macron show has come to an end. Now, as the political world returns after the summer break, the show threatens to become more of a (grim) reality TV series. President Macron is confronted by three main issues: his economic policy is right-wing, many of his key measures are unpopular and he lacks heavyweight communicators in his party's ranks. As a result the new head of state seems set to change his communication strategy and get more involved in the fray. Mediapart's editor François Bonnet reports.

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The education minister Jean-Michel Blanquer has a big plan for the start of the new academic year on Monday 4 September; at his suggestion, pupils in secondary and primary schools up and down the country will be greeted with songs and music. The Ministry of Education says it will be a happy, positive and motivating experience for the youngsters who will, it hopes, be joined in the fun by teachers, parents and headteachers alike.