'Torture made in USA', and the imbroglio of Guantánamo Bay


‘Torture made in USA', an award-winning French-produced documentary on the systematic practice of torture by the US in operations in Afghanistan, Iraq and the prison camp at Guantánamo Bay, has just been released in France on DVD. First presented online by Mediapart, it contains exclusive interviews with high-ranking US officials and notably General Ricardo Sanchez (photo), former commander of the coalition ground forces in Iraq, who "unequivocally" confirms the use of torture. Along with a presentation of the documentary, Thomas Cantaloube analyses here the legal black hole created by a key element of this policy, the camp at Guantánamo Bay, and why US President Barack Obama has failed his pledge to close it.

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French journalist Marie-Monique Robin's award-winning documentary ‘Torture made in USA', a remarkable investigation into a secret US programme, launched after the 2001 ‘9/11' terror attacks that allowed for the practice of torture in its operations in Afghanistan, Iraq and at the US Naval Base of Guantánamo Bay, has now been released in France on DVD.