Documentary: Huntsville Station, the moment released prisoners first taste freedom

By Tênk & Mediapart

The state penitentiary at Huntsville in Texas is a “regional release site” for discharged and paroled prisoners. Every day, small groups of inmates walk free from the prison, most gathering at the town’s Greyhound bus station to begin their journey back into the wider world. In this award-winning short documentary (in English with French subtitles), which Mediapart presents here in partnership with VOD platform Tënk, US filmmakers Jamie Meltzer and Chris Filippone capture the released prisoners’ first moments of quiet reflection and freedom.

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The state penitentiary called the Huntsville Unit, situated in the town of Huntsville, eastern Texas, is a medium-security prison for male inmates, and houses the execution chamber of one of the last states to still practice capital punishment. One of the oldest in Texas and nicknamed “The Walls Unit” because of the large brick wall edifice that surrounds it, the prison is also a regional site for the release of discharged and paroled prisoners, who file out of its doors every day in small groups.