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Has France become 'lazy' about increasing Franglais?

'Hacktivism', 'fashionista', 'SUV' and 'dark net' have all been added to France's two main dictionaries but there has been little or no uproar.

Why Macron’s use of English dismays some in France

The president’s love of franglais may go down well with elites, but for many his overuse of English verges on caricature. 

Can French really become the world's major language?

Author Steven Poole says Macron’s big ambition for French language is optimistic but nothing more than an enjoyable bit of grandiose rhetoric.

Starched stiff: a translator's view of UN-speak French

By Santiago Artozqui (En attendant Nadeau)
Inside United Nations headquaters in New York. © Reuters Inside United Nations headquaters in New York. © Reuters

Like most international institutions, the United Nations functions in several languages, demanding the translation of its thousands upon thousands of documents of various kinds into six tongues. But the task of its professional translators is far from straightforward, as Santiago Artozqui, a translator of UN texts from English to French, explains here. Not least is what he calls “a misplaced Atticism” required of French-language documents which “dunks the language in starch and leaves it as stiff as the shirt of a notable”.


English versus French tensions in Cameroon turn deadly

Teachers join strike led by lawyers over official use of French in English-speaking part of the country where ten were killed in demonstrations.

France’s Emmanuel Macron slammed for speaking English

Far right said independent presidential candidate's decision to speak in English in Berlin showed he had 'no respect' for the French language.

France turns anglophone to woo UK businesses

Regulators will accept paperwork in English in attempt to persuade finance firms to move from London to Paris after Brexit vote.

French radio goes to war with language quotas in fight for musical freedom

Government plans law to stop radio stations circumventing rules that state that 40 percent of songs played must be in French.

French pupils unable to 'cope with' baccalaureate English question

More than 11,000 disgruntled students sign petition to protest at ‘incomprehensible’ exam question about Ian McEwan’s 'Atonement'.

Parisian theatres experiment performances with English subtitles

The novel introduction of the live subtitles, displayed on screens above the stage, aims to attract a wider public to French-language productions.

France gives in to the hashtag

'French is not in danger' is a remarkable assertion from country that officially banned the use of anglicisms for decades, says William Alexander.

French...the language of the future?

Study suggests that by 2050 more people in the world will speak French as first language than English or Mandarin.

Drop these ugly Anglicisms ASAP, urge French language police

Académie Française condemns use of abbreviation of 'as soon as possible', and the adoption by the sporting world of 'scorer' as a verb.

My Fair Lady: all-English version a hit with French audiences

French theatre director manages to bridge cultural divide by staging 'untranslatable' classic musical in Paris with subtitles.

Decline in French language skills worry academics in Madagascar

Malagasy language more widely spoken on streets and at home while English is fast becoming the foreign language of choice in former French colony.