Karl Laske

J'ai rejoint Mediapart en mai 2011, après avoir été été journaliste à Libération de 1994 à 2011.

J'ai publié: Avec les compliments du Guide (avec Fabrice Arfi, Fayard, 2017), Les cartels du lait (avec Elsa Casalegno, Editions Don Quichotte, 2016), La Mémoire du plomb (Stock, 2012), Le Vrai Canard (avec Laurent Valdiguié, Stock, 2008, réédité en Points Seuil, 2010), Putsch au PS (collectif Victor Noir, Denoël, 2007), Machinations (avec Laurent Valdiguié, Denoël, 2006, réédité chez Pocket), Nicolas Sarkozy ou le destin de Brutus (collectif Victor Noir, Denoël, 2005), Des coffres si bien garnis, enquête sur les serviteurs de l'État-voyou (Denoël, 2004), Ils se croyaient intouchables (Albin Michel, 2000), Le banquier noir (Seuil, 1996).

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Ses Derniers articles

  • The well-connected arms dealer and his tax returns

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    Z.Takieddine © Mediapart Z.Takieddine © Mediapart

    In an ongoing judicial investigation into suspected illegal political party funding in France via a sale of submarines to Pakistan, several witnesses have identified Franco-Lebanese businessman and arms dealer Ziad Takieddine (photo) as being a principle intermediary in the deal. Earlier this week, Mediapart revealed his closeness to key members of French President Nicolas Sarkozy's inner circle. In this second report, Mediapart can disclose how Takieddine pays no income tax nor wealth tax in France, despite being domiciled in the country and where, according to documents signed by his hand, he has a wealth of 40 million euros. Fabrice Arfi and Karl Laske investigate.

  • The secret financier who brings danger to the Sarkozy clan

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    Brice Hortefeux et Ziad Takieddine. © Document Mediapart Brice Hortefeux et Ziad Takieddine. © Document Mediapart

    Ziad Takieddine is best known to the public in connection with the ongoing judicial investigations into suspected illegal kickbacks from ‘commissions' paid during the controversial sale of submarines by France to Pakistan during the 1990s. But Mediapart can now exclusively reveal the businessman and arms broker's privileged relations at the very heart of President Nicolas Sarkozy's inner circle. Fabrice Arfi and Karl Laske investigate a man who represents a political time bomb for the French presidency.

  • Bettencourt battle back after L'Oréal heiress signs away 143 million euros

    Inspirational? Liliane Bettencourt during a French TV interview. © France 3 Inspirational? Liliane Bettencourt during a French TV interview. © France 3

    Following a six-month family truce, the daughter of L'Oréal heiress Liliane Bettencourt (photo) has re-applied to have her mother placed as a ward of court amid fresh concerns over the management of the 88 year-old's personal finances, including suspicions of conflicts of interest in a business deal brokered by her newly-appointed legal protector and wealth manager. Karl Laske reports.

  • How DSK and his spin team kept dark allegations secret

    le livre est paru le 5 mai, une semaine avant l'arrestation de DSK le livre est paru le 5 mai, une semaine avant l'arrestation de DSK

    The arrest last month in New York of former IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn on sex assault charges overnight destroyed his expected candidature, and widely-forecast victory, in next year's French presidential elections. His communications team spent years crafting a presidential image and coercing journalists and publishers to obscure events and reports that might damage it, notably allegations that he sexually assaulted a young writer and journalist, Tristane Banon, in 2002. "I would prefer that you don't talk about it", Strauss-Kahn allegedly told the author of a biography (photo) published just ten days before his arrest. Karl Laske reports.

  • 'No strategy left' for Strauss-Kahn's Euro RSCG spin team


    Riding high in opinion polls, IMF Managing Director and veteran French Socialist Party heavyweight Dominique Strauss-Kahn was until last weekend on course to sweep Nicolas Sarkozy out of office in next year's presidential elections. But the one event that his slick, high-flying communications team had not allowed for, and to which they admit having no answer to, was his arrest in New York on sex assault charges. Karl Laske reports on the grounded spin strategists from Euro RSCG.