Laurent Mauduit

Journaliste au Quotidien de Paris (1979), puis à l'Agence centrale de Presse (1979-1984), à La Tribune de l'économie (1984-1990). Chef du service économique de Libération (1991-1994) avant d'entrer au Monde, en charge de la politique économique française (1995-1999), puis rédacteur en chef du service Entreprises (1999-2003), directeur adjoint de la rédaction (2003-2005), éditorialiste (2006). Quitte Le Monde, en décembre 2006, en désaccord avec la politique éditoriale. Cofondateur de Mediapart. Auteur des ouvrages suivants:

 - Histoire secrète des dossiers noirs de la gauche (en collaboration), Éditions Alain Moreau, 1986

- La grande méprise (en collaboration), Grasset, 1996

- La gauche imaginaire et le nouveau capitalisme (avec Gérard Desportes), Grasset, 1999

 - Voyage indiscret au cœur de l’État (en collaboration), Éditions Le Monde-Le Pré aux Clercs, 2000

 - Les stock-options (avec Philippe Jaffré), Grasset, 2002

- L’adieu au socialisme (avec Gérard Desportes), Grasset, 2002

- Jacques le Petit, Stock, 2005

- Petits conseils, Stock, 2007

- Sous le Tapie, Stock, 2008

- Les 110 propositions, 1981-2011 - Manuel critique à l'usage des citoyens qui rêvent encore de changer la vie, Don Quichotte, 2011 (ouvrage collectif de la rédaction de Mediapart) 

- Les imposteurs de l'économie, Editions Gawsewitch, 2012 (Réédité en 2013 par les Editions Pocket, puis en 2016 en version numérique par les Éditions Don Quichotte)

- L'étrange capitulation, Editions Gawsewitch, 2013. Cet ouvrage a été réédité en version numérique en mars 2015 par les éditions Don Quichotte.

- Tapie, le scandale d'Etat, Stock, 2013 - Cette affaire a aussi donné lieu à un documentaire Tapie et la République - Autopsie d'un scandale d'Etat (70', Nova Production), que j'ai co-écrit avec le réalisateur Thomas Johnson et qui a été diffusé la première fois par France 5 le 31 mars 2015.

- A tous ceux qui ne se résignent pas à la débâcle qui vient (Don Quichotte, 2014)

- Main basse sur l'information (Don Quichotte, 2016)

- La Caste. Enquête sur cette haute fonction publique qui a pris le pouvoir (La Découverte, septembre 2018).

- Prédations. Histoire des privatisations des biens publics,  (La Découverte, septembre 2020).

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  • Economic policy - between austerity and a Rocky Horror Show...


    The Prime Minister François Fillon has just announced a series of new austerity measures to produce a further 12 billion euros in savings for the government in 2011 and 2012. This follows a downgrading in the forecast for economic growth for both years. The measures include a new reduction in the benefits afforded by a variety of tax breaks and a temporary 3% tax on those with massive incomes. But, argues Laurent Mauduit, the overall package is just another sign of the government's incoherent and crazy economic policy. And one which he says risks tipping France back into recession.

  • Two tycoons and a secret pact to carve up millions in compensation


    A French court will decide in August whether the new IMF chief Christine Lagarde will be investigated for her role, when French finance minister, in the controversial 2008 award of more than 400 million euros of public money to French tycoon Bernard Tapie. The case took a new twist in July after Mediapart led revelations over a secret pact between flamboyant, twice-fold rags-to-riches Tapie and an equally colourful entrepreneur called André Guelfi, a.k.a.Dédé la Sardine. The two men, who first met in prison, agreed to share their winnings in Tapie's compensation claim against the Crédit Lyonnais bank, and Guelfi's astronomic and ongoing compensation demand of more than 1 billion euros from oil giant Total, with funds destined to an offshore tax haven. Laurent Mauduit reports.

  • Renault CEO Carlos Ghosn sitting on an ejector seat

    By and

    The rumour mill is working overtime in the French business world and at Renault, where the carmaker's CEO Carlos Ghosn is fighting to keep his job after the fiasco of false espionage allegations against three top executives which saw them fired on false pretences, and led to the resignation of the company's N°2, Patrick Pelata. Officially all is well again, but Ghosn now faces a fierce battle against those determined to have his head for other reasons, not least French President Nicolas Sarkozy. Martine Orange and Laurent Mauduit report on the malaise surrounding the man at the wheel of one of France's industrial giants.

  • Exclusive: the secret report that could scupper Lagarde's bid to lead IMF

    Aperçu de l'une des pages du rapport Aperçu de l'une des pages du rapport

    French finance minister Christine Lagarde is hotly tipped to replace Dominique Strauss-Kahn, arrested in New York last weekend on sex assault charges, as Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Mediapart has exclusively obtained a copy of a confidential report (pictured) by the French national audit office, the Court of Accounts, which we publish here and which could potentially scupper her candidacy to become IMF chief. It throws deep suspicion on Lagarde's role, already the object of legal moves for suspected "abuse of authority", in a massive out-of-court settlement of 403 million euros of public funds awarded to controversial French tycoon Bernard Tapie in 2008. Laurent Mauduit reports.

  • The sting in the tale of Tapie and the Crédit Lyonnais payout

     © Mediapart © Mediapart

    The controversy over the 403 million euros of public funds awarded in 2008 to French businessman Bernard Tapie in his dispute with French bank Crédit Lyonnais returned to the fore this month, lighting a fuse to a series of scandals-within-the-scandal. Laurent Mauduit reports.

  • The political vacuum behind the rise of the French far-right

    An opinion poll published last weekend in France placed far-right National Front leader Marine Le Pen ahead of incumbent Nicolas Sarkozy and other mainstream rivals in next year's presidential election first round vote. Here, Laurent Mauduit argues that the resurgence of the National Front is in large part due to the failure of the French opposition left parties to recognise and address the causes of a deep social malaise in the country.
  • Al Qaïda: le diagnostic du New-York Times

  • US, UK investors caught up in French private equity fund controversy


    A legal battle due to be played out early this year at the Paris Commercial Court sees three French private equity funds go horn to horn over secret investors, fabulous profits and disturbing conflicts of interest. Among the investors caught up in the dispute are the Californian state teachers' retirement system, CalSTRS, the largest US teachers' retirement fund, British fund Pantheon Ventures and the French giant Axa. Mediapart has gained exclusive access to the case, and here lifts the lid on the very confidential world of venture capitalism.

  • Austerity hits households hardest, French figures show


    The French National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies (INSEE) in December released its latest report on key economic facts and trends in France. Mediapart's Laurent Mauduit has studied the figures and finds austerity plans are stifling French growth, with households rather than businesses bearing the brunt of the effort.

  • The farce of Sarkozy's reshuffle and the crisis it cannot hide

    No control: President Nicolas Sarkozy. © Reuters No control: President Nicolas Sarkozy. © Reuters

    French President Nicolas Sarkozy has re-appointed François Fillon as prime minister, and the long-awaited ministerial reshuffle has happened. The president hopes it will turn a political page on a volatile social crisis and the scandals rocking his presidency. But, argues Mediapart's Laurent Mauduit, the stage-managed media rumours surrounding the future government and an abscence of political debate before its composition speak volumes about the president's attachment to democracy as well as the extent of a crisis within his own political camp.