Macron's T-shirt in TikTok address sparks conspiracy theories


In a social media address to persuade the young to sign up for Covid-19 vaccinations, French President Emmanuel Macron sported a relaxed dress style, but the logo on his T-shirt has prompted speculation among some that it was a secret message.

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Was it a bird, a subliminal message or a secret sign? Or was it just a logo of an owl on a T-shirt? Hours after Emmanuel Macron’s attempt to persuade French youngsters to get vaccinated on Monday, the buzz across the country was less of Covid shots and more of mysterious clothing symbols, reports The Guardian.

The president had swapped his trademark grey suit, white shirt and tie, for the more trendy look of a black, short-sleeved T-shirt for his question-and-answer TikTok appearance.

Unfortunately, the subsequent flurry of speculation and conspiracy theories suggested some gave more of a hoot about the white owl logo on the T-shirt than about Macron’s message.

What did the owl logo made up of geometric shapes mean? Was there a subliminal message to the choice of apparel? Was the Elysée public relations team conveying a secret message to the sharp-eyed? Was the president part of a secret cabal?

An initial theory suggested it was the logo of the Bohemian Club, a political group created in California in 1872 and named after what Americans saw as the belle époque European bohemian movement, a counterculture to the bourgeoisie.

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