France Investigation

The drug dealers adapting to lockdown in France

The coronavirus epidemic in France and the lockdown restrictions on public movement aimed at containing it are forcing drug dealers to adapt their business methods. They are also faced with a significant downturn in earnings as supplies are trapped behind closed national borders and their stock begins running out. In this report, originally published by Mediapart’s online regional news partner Mediacités, Mathieu Martinière investigates developments in the dark traffic in and around Lyon, France’s second-largest city.

Mathieu Martinière (We Report for Mediacités Lyon)

10 April 2020 à 21h05

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Since the lockdown on public movement in France, introduced on March 17th to contain the spread of the Covid-19 virus epidemic, Alexandre (not his real name), has been teleworking (like an estimated one-in-five of French employees according to a recent survey) from his home in Villeurbanne, a sprawling north-east suburb of the city of Lyon with a population of around 148,000.

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