The pain of being fat in France: one woman's story


Gabrielle Deydier, 38, who is 1m53 tall and weighs 150 kilos, has been propelled into the French media spotlight with her book published this year about what it is like to be distinctly obese in a country where the condition is a barrier to employment and prompts insults from strangers, and which led her to consider suicide before penning her account of 'grossophobia' which she says 'saved my life'.   

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In August 2015, 37-year-old Gabrielle Deydier went for a job interview which she passed with flying colours. The job was for a position as a teaching assistant at a Parisian special needs school and the interview panel, including the school’s headmaster, had been so impressed with Gabrielle that they even told her they were worried in case she left for a better-paid job, reports The Observer.