French MPs call for parliamentary inquiry into Macron's dealings with Uber


French MPs gathered earlier this week to debate a censure motion against the new government tabled by the NUPES leftwing coalition. The motion was defeated, but the rowdy parliamentary session soon centred on the “Uber Files” revelations of how Emmanuel Macron, when economy and finance minister, secretly championed the US company’s project to set up business in France. As Pauline Graulle reports, the Left are determined to hold the French president to account over what one MP called “a state scandal”, and are pushing for a parliamentary committee of inquiry into the affair.

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The high point of Monday’s agenda at the French lower house, the National Assembly, had initially been a motion of censure against the government, tabled by the Left. But, inevitably, the debates soon turned to the “Uber Files” revelations of the behind-closed-doors help given to the US firm’s business in France by Emmanuel Macron when he was economy minister in 2014.