'Homeless man' runs off with 300,000 euros in cash from Paris airport


French police say they are hunting a man identified on CCTV footage as previously sleeping rough at Paris Charles de Gaulle airport walking into an unlocked room used by a company that supplies cash to ATM machines in the terminals and who left with two bags containing 300,000 euros.

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A man who chanced upon hundreds of thousands of euros after leaning on a door at Charles de Gaulle airport in France is thought to have been homeless, reports BBC News.

Local police say they recognised him in security footage as one of many people who sleep rough near the airport.

The door of the Loomis cash management company in terminal 2F had been left unlocked and the man, in his fifties, walked back out with two bags of cash.

He is now being sought by police.

At about 5.30pm last Friday, an alarm sounded at the cash management company's offices.

Officers who checked the security footage found that the man had been searching bins outside the office and looked surprised when the door he leaned on opened. He went inside and re-emerged seconds later carrying the two bags.

The man left a suitcase behind, but nothing in it has given his identity away.

Read more of this report from BBC News.

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