The Right's Elysée hopefuls aim neoliberal potshot at French social model


France’s conservative opposition party, Les Républicains, is gearing up for its primary elections in November. These will decide who will be the party’s candidate in presidential elections to held in May next year. There are 12 declared runners for the party’s nomination, with widely varying chances of success, and one notable as-yet undeclared candidate, Nicolas Sarkozy, but who is certain to join the race. Aurélie Delmas looks at the policy propositions from the front runners, who all promise an undiluted dose of neoliberalism, spelling attacks on public sector workers, the middle classes and those who depend on welfare benefits.

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The main candidates for the presidential election primary in the conservative opposition Les Républicains party, to be held in November, have now all outlined their economic programmes, and it is clear that if one of them is elected to the presidency in 2017, France is in for a harsh neo-liberal cure.