After Nice, how the French Right fell headfirst into a terrorist trap


Since the Bastille Day massacre in Nice last week, in which 84 people died, never has the French mainstream Right employed so much energy into mimicking its far-right rival, the Front National, writes Mediapart political correspondent Hubert Huertas, who argues that the attack in Nice is in the process of fragilising French democracy, which is exactly what the Islamic State group, which claimed responsibility, hopes for.

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With the exception of those dark hours when France no longer belonged to itself, never has the call to abolish the republic and its rule of law been expressed so clearly, so loudly and at such a level. Never, in the name of the horror shared by a whole people, and by most of the world, have leading politicians gone quite so far. Never had any of them previously dared to say, with such weighty consequences, what Nice’s conservative Member of Parliament (MP) Éric Ciotti said about the victims of the Bastille Day attack in his city: “Them, they don’t talk any more about the rule of law.”