Brexit debate reveals France's own splits over EU


Whichever way Britain votes in its referendum on EU membership this Thursday, French president François Hollande has promised new “initiatives” in the coming days to reinvigorate the European Union. Hollande himself has gone out on a limb by associating himself strongly with British premier David Cameron's opposition to so-called 'Brexit'. Meanwhile, as Lénaïg Bredoux reports, the French Left is itself split over the issue of Europe and how to approach it.

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The British people go to the polls this Thursday, June 23rd, and if they vote to leave the European Union – the so-called 'Brexit' option – this would represent a major setback for other European leaders, and in particular François Hollande. The French president has already pledged that he will take steps to relaunch the European project once the British referendum is over, whatever the outcome. But just as in Britain all French political parties, on the Left as well as on the Right, are divided on the issue, struggling to find a response to the growing exasperation that people feel towards the EU.