French economy minister dismisses the 'dead stars' of traditional left-wing ideology


Emmanuel Macron this week replaced anti-austerity rebel Arnaud Montebourg as France’s new economy minister, a role that places him at the forefront of the socialist government’s struggle to return the country to growth and bring down record unemployment. Macron, who was latterly President François Hollande’s deputy chief-of-staff, has until now remained a figure unknown to the wider public, and an even more obscure one concerning his political vision. In an interview with Mediapart’s Lénaïg Bredoux and Joseph Confavreux last year, of which the principle extracts are published here, he detailed the reasons why he believes the Left must undergo a profound renovation to rid itself of what he believes is antiquated ideology and past certitudes that he described as "dead stars".

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Emmanuel Macron has played a key role in shaping French President François Hollande’s economic and industrial strategy, both as an advisor to Hollande during his 2012 election campaign, and more crucially over the past two years as the president’s deputy-chief-of-staff.