France Investigation

The toxic progression of agrochemicals in France

The European Union on Monday gave the go-ahead to extend the licence for sales of the herbicide glyphosate, recognised by the World Health Organisation as “probably carcinogenic to humans”, for a further five years. The French government, which voted against move, has decided to unilaterally limit the licence to market glyphosate to three years. But France remains Europe’s biggest user, by volume, of agrochemicals, including many considered by scientific studies to present a health risk. Mediapart, in partnership with online journal Mediacités, details here, region by region and with interactive charts, their sales in France by volume, which in turn provides an indication of where they are most employed.

Benjamin Peyrel (Mediacités)

28 November 2017 à 20h20

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The European Union Commission’s Appeal Committee on Monday gave the go-ahead to extend the licence for sales of herbicide glyphosate for a further five years after its current authorization runs out on December 15th, causing dismay for environmental campaigners and delight in the agrochemical lobby.

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