Electricity giant EDF takes charge of France's new 'nuclear adventure'


The French utilities group EDF is now officially the sole company overseeing France's nuclear industry. This follows an agreement in principle signed earlier this week between EDF and the ailing French nuclear firm Areva which will create a joint company in charge of designing and building new nuclear reactors. France's economy minister Emmanuel Macron has sought to draw a line under the French nuclear industry's recent financial fiasco, preferring to speak instead of a “new adventure” for the sector. Mediapart's Martine Orange analyses the deal.

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France's economy minister Emmanuel Macron had insisted on it and his credibility was on the line; by the end of July the fate of the ailing nuclear firm Areva had to be sorted out. And so, after final negotiations, an agreement in principle was thrashed out between Areva and utilities giant EDF on Wednesday July 29th and formally announced the following day. “We are in the process of rebuilding the nuclear industry,” the minister proudly told Le Monde.