How France has lagged behind allies over military aid for Ukraine

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On Monday October 10th the Élysée announced “new measures to support Ukraine militarily”. Two days later President Emmanuel Macron said France would be sending air-defence systems to the country after the recent Russian missile attacks. Up to now the French government has concealed exactly how much military support it has given to Kyiv since Russia's invasion in February, justifying this on the grounds of operational secrecy. However, a think tank has now detailed the military aid that all countries have given to Ukraine, and these figures show that France trails behind other key allies. Justine Brabant and Donatien Huet report.

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The Russian strikes against civilians and civilian targets in recent days have spurred the French government to announce new military aid to Ukraine. On top of a “special fund” of 100 million euros to help Ukraine buy French military equipment – which by good fortune also helps fill the order books of France's defence companies – the Élysée has hinted at a possible further delivery of Caesar howitzers.