European Greens name and shame the 'co-conspirators of tax dodging'


A report published this week by the Greens-EFA group in the European Parliament presented the conclusions of a study of tens of thousands of documents provided by the Offshore Leaks platform of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, and which identified the principal intermediaries behind tax evasion. The report demonstrates that many of them are well-known names among banks and financial institutions, operating in countries across Europe as the vehicle for the transfer of huge sum to tax havens. Dan Israel reports.

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If tax evasion prospers the dishonest wealthy the world over, it is thanks to hundreds of banks, lawyers’ practices and accountancy firms which ensure the financial secrecy of the operations, often operating in the light of day and in all legality. That is the conclusion of a report into the process of tax evasion published this week by the Greens-European Free Alliance (EFA) group in the European Parliament.