Rachida Dati warns French to stop Far Right by turning out in European polls

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Former justice minister and Sarkozy protegée says high turnout can help combat threat of 'ultra-violent, ultra-racist and populist' parties.

Guilty until proved innocent: how Spain's anti-terrorism campaign has stood justice on its head

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Since the March 2004 Madrid train bombings, more than 500 people have been arrested in Spain on suspicion of involvement in terrorist actitivity, of which just 50 have been tried and convicted. For in the aftermath of the Madrid attacks, which left 191 people dead and more than 1,800 injured, the Spanish anti-terrorist campaign has adopted a tactic of preventive arrests, many based on little or no evidence, in which the presumption of guilt presides over that of innocence, often prompted by information from foreign intelligence services and interrogations carried out in secret. "On the other hand, we haven’t had any attacks for ten years,” argued one high-ranking Spanish magistrate in this report by Braulio García Jaén, Matías Escudero Arce and Andrés Aguayo.   

French justice minister Taubira accused of political interference

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Top Paris prosecutor says minister sought to remove him on political grounds as she highlights plan to increase neutrality of France's legal system.

Bungled 2004 criminal law decree could see hundreds of French prisoners released

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Thousands of cases to be reviewed after a French appeals court annulls a 2004 government decree that should have been voted by parliament.

French minister wants land for slaves’ descendants

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Justice minister backs land reform to help descendents of slaves, two days after President Hollande declared reparations for slavery impossible.

Bettencourt : trois perquisitions chez Sarkozy


C'est une première pour un ancien président de la République. Le domicile, le cabinet d'avocats et les bureaux de Nicolas Sarkozy ont été perquisitionnés mardi, dans le cadre de l'affaire Bettencourt. Philippe Courroye est convoqué devant le CSM, et la juge Prévost-Desprez se voit reprocher une « violation du secret professionnel ».

French court to investigate IMF chief Lagarde over 'misappropriation of public funds'


A French court is to investigate newly-appointed International Monetary Fund chief Christine Lagarde (photo) for suspected 'aiding and abetting falsification' and 'misappropriation of public funds' in her handling of a huge compensation payout awarded to controversial French businessman Bernard Tapie while she was finance minister. Michel Deléan reports.

Vers un procès de la torture des Mau Mau (The Guardian)

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Quatre Kenyans qui disent avoir été torturés par les autorités coloniales pendant le soulèvement Mau Mau dans les années 50 pourront poursuivre le gouvernement britannique devant la justice.

Investigating sex assault crimes in France


The case against former IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn, charged in May with the assault and attempted rape of a New York hotel chambermaid, appears close to collapse after the alleged victim's credibility was all but destroyed by a prosecutors' investigation. The handling of the case, by the New York Special Victims Unit and District Attorney's office, has come in for sharp criticism from some in France, where Strauss-Kahn's perp walk, initial imprisonment and subsequent house arrest were seen to be humiliating, harsh and ultimately unjust. So just how do the French handle such cases? Carine Fouteau reports.

Bettencourt: le procureur use et abuse de l’espionnage téléphonique


Le procureur Philippe Courroye a chargé la police d'examiner les factures téléphoniques de deux journalistes du Monde ayant écrit sur l'affaire Woerth-Bettencourt. Dans l'espoir de trouver leur «source» éventuelle et d'écarter la juge Isabelle Prévost-Desprez, qui enquête de manière indépendante sur l'un des volets de cette affaire et qui est en conflit ouvert avec le procureur Courroye. Le journal annonce qu'il porte plainte.