Calais camp refugees burn shelters as demolitions resume

One refugee group says six shelters were on fire and claims watching police prevented attempts to douse flames.

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Migrants and refugees at the makeshift “Jungle” camp in Calais have staged a sit-in protest and set light to shelters in an attempt to disrupt continuing demolition work at the site, reports The Guardian.

In the first sign of unrest on Tuesday, wooden shacks were seemingly set alight near the demolition work.

The UK-based Help Refugees group said six shelters had caught fire and claimed watching police prevented attempts to douse the flames.

Earlier, about two-dozen residents, with a few French activists, had taken position on top of hut roofs as riot police looked on.

Riot police fired more teargas overnight after an operation to dismantle hundreds of temporary shelters led to clashes on Monday.

Activists said some people had been forcibly removed from shelters earlier in the morning, with at least two taken away by police.

The demolition work continued steadily into Tuesday afternoon, amid strong winds and increasing rain.

Nearby, in a section of the camp set aside for children and families, many of the donated caravans in which they live were being moved north in the site, further away from the demolition and police.

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