Macron's campaign hampered by his own image


Emmanuel Macron's appeals for a unified front against the far right's Marine Le Pen in the run-off for the presidential election have been hit by a major handicap – himself. The former merchant banker and civil servant's CV, image and policies repel many on both the Left and Right. In response he has sought to offer pledges for those who did not vote for him in the first round. But in essence, says Mathieu Magnaudeix, the centrist candidate is holding to his policy line and is aiming for a major and rapid realignment of French politics if he is elected.

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It would seem that the appeal for a united approach against the far-right Front National is no longer enough. With less than a week to go before the crucial second round of the French presidential election, the centrist candidate Emmanuel Macron is now starting to address those who did not vote for him in the first round.