Revealed: another shocking case of Paris police violence

By and Armel Baudet

As incidents of police violence and the failure of the authorities to effectively address the issue continue to occupy public debate in France, Mediapart reveals here, with video footage, the violent and illegal arrests in Paris of six innocent young men by gun-wielding officers, one of whom fired bullets into their car. In what has all the appearance of a cover-up, not only was one of the six victims sent for trial for violence, but the officer who shot at him without any justification is still on duty because, the police administration claimed, prosecutors concluded he acted in self-defence. Which is untrue. Pascale Pascariello and Armel Baudet report.

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In the early hours of April 30th 2019, a group of six young men aged between 16 and 22 were travelling in a car through the bois de Boulogne, a sprawling green public parkland area on the west side of Paris. They pulled up at a set of traffic lights.