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Singer Charles Aznavour's complex legal set-up to reduce his French tax bill

In 2007 the famous French singer Charles Aznavour set up a holding company in Luxembourg to receive the dividends he gets from French companies that handle his royalties. More recently members of his family also became involved in this perfectly legal set-up. The result is that this veteran French entertainer, who is resident in Switzerland, and some of his family now pay little tax in France on the proceeds from his music. Romaric Godin reports.

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At the age of 93, crooner Charles Aznavour is still one of themost recognised and famous French entertainers in the world. Yet he has long been unenthusiastic about paying taxes in France. Mediapart has uncovered his – perfectly legal – fiscal set-up which means he and some close family members now pay little tax in France on his royalties.

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