French government presents new measures against domestic violence


French interior minister Gérald Darmanin has presented a series of new measures to tackle domestic violence, which last year led to the deaths of 125 people, mostly women, and was the reason for more than 400,000 police call-outs.

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French interior minister Gérald Darmanin has announced new measures to try to stem the tide of domestic violence in France, as 102 women lost their lives in 2020 at the hands of their spouse or ex-spouse, reports Radio France Internationale.

In an interview with Le Parisien published on Sunday evening, the minister unveiled the 2020 figures for "violent deaths within a couple", which have been published this Monday.

While 102 women and 23 men lost their lives in 2020 through domestic violence the minister emphasised that last year was special with two lockdowns.

This, however, represents the lowest figure for 15 years, whereas in 2019 there were 146 feminicides.

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Nevertheless, Darmanin underlined "the number of police and gendarmerie interventions for domestic violence remains very high: over 400,000, or 45 interventions per hour.

"Not a day goes by without the [police] going to free a woman or children taken hostage," he added.

Darmanin also noted that domestic violence "is becoming the primary reason for police and gendarme intervention".

In an attempt to combat this scourge, he announced, among other measures, that priority will be given to the processing of complaints of domestic violence, and that an officer specialising in this type of violence will be appointed to each police station and each gendarmerie brigade across France.

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