Close associate of Lebanese central bank boss faces money laundering probe in Paris


Anna Kosakova, the  girlfriend of Riad Salamé, governor of the Banque du Liban, is suspected of having benefited from funds that were misappropriated from Lebanon's central bank. She has been placed under formal investigation by a judge in Paris for “criminal conspiracy” and “money laundering”. According to the investigation, up to to 246 million dollars were transferred to personal bank accounts belonging to the governor's brother.  In particular, judges are looking at the purchase of a number of commercial properties in central Paris which were then managed by the central banker's girlfriend. Karl Laske reports.


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“It came from Riad Salamé”, “It's Riad Salamé who's behind this operation”, “You'll have to ask Riad Salamé”. When questioned by fraud squad detectives, Ukrainian company manager Anna Kosakova, aged 46, made constant reference to the role of the governor of Lebanon's central bank the Banque du Liban (BDL), the man she described as the “love of my life”.  Her responses came as she was asked to justify the financial arrangements from which she had benefited along with her daughter, E.,  who is now aged 16 and whose father is Riad Salamé.