France splashes out to deport Sri Lankans from Indian Ocean territory

By Manuel Sanson (Le

Authorities in Paris and on France's Indian Ocean overseas département of Mayotte seem set on deterring further Sri Lankan asylum seekers from coming to the impoverished archipelago. Even if, as a series of documents show, the cost to taxpayers of sending that message has been exorbitant. Manuel Sanson from investigative website Le Poulpe reports

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On May 27th 2019 two women and 16 men from Sri Lanka arrived to claim asylum in one of France’s furthest-flung territories: the Indian Ocean département or county of Mayotte. Barely a fortnight later, 12 of the 18 had been deported and flown to Colombo on an expensively-chartered plane in a move designed to discourage other Sri Lankans from following in their footsteps.