News 'blackout' over why Sarkozy's election campaign accounts were rejected


The official body that scrutinises election funding has refused to publish its reasons for rejecting Nicolas Sarkozy's accounts for the presidential campaign last year. Now Mediapart has obtained a ruling that the organisation must reveal the reasons behind its decision or risk flouting the law. Mathilde Mathieu explains the background to an obscure administrative wrangle with potentially wide-ranging consequences.


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The official body charged with scrutinising campaign funding has refused to divulge the reasons why it rejected the accounts for Nicolas Sarkozy's campaign in last year’s presidential elections. For months Mediapart has been asking the Commission des comptes de campagne et des financements politiques (CNCCFP) to give the full details behind its shock decision in December, when it merely indicated that the defeated president’s campaign fund had exceeded the 22.5 million euro official spending cap.