Sexual abuse: studies suggest lesbians and bisexual women are the principal victims

By Rozenn Le Carboulec

A series of studies in France suggest that lesbians and bisexual women are far more exposed to sexual violence than heterosexual women, as a result of sexist and lesphobic behaviour in both their domestic and societal environments. Rozenn Le Carboulec analyses the available data.

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French actress Adèle Haenel and singer-songwriter Pomme, who have won popular acclaim and distinction in their separate professions, contributed to the emergence of a #MeToo movement in France with their personal accounts of sexual harassment by men. In the case of Haenel, her story was first detailed in public in a lengthy investigation by Mediapart which rocked the French cinema establishment, while Pomme (the stage name of Claire Pommet) gave her own account in an open letter and video interview published on Mediapart. Both identify themselves as lesbians, and that is, according to statistics, not a trivial coincidence.