Macron's economic plans 'cut and pasted' from EU policies


For some years the European Union has been recommending that France carry out a series of policy initiatives in key areas such as public finances, pensions, unemployment benefit, workers' rights and even large-scale infrastructure projects such as digital development. Now, says Mediapart's Martine Orange, these policies have found a home – in centrist candidate Emmanuel Macrons's manifesto for the French presidency. In some cases they are almost word for word.


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There have been thousands of contributors from civic society, local committees set up across France grouped by subject themes, hundreds of experts debating plans and groups analysing the proposals and selecting the best. Emmanuel Macron has certainly done his best to highlight the original way his election manifesto has been put together, and used this unorthodox approach to justify its late appearance. It needed time to blend all the elements together, he explained, before his measures could be unveiled on March 2nd.