French parliamentary elections: once more, nothing is happening as foreseen


The result of France’s parliamentary elections in June appears as uncertain as, just weeks ago, did that of the presidential elections. President-elect Emmanuel Macron’s fledgling République en Marche! movement has unveiled 428 candidates it will field, comprised mostly of political rookies and unknowns. Meanwhile, the old traditional parties, apprehensive after their presidential election defeat, place their hopes in the electorate backing off from the political unknown of the newly-elected maverick president. Mediapart’s political commentator Hubert Huertas examines why, in these crucial elections, once again nothing is happening as was foreseen.

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Of the 428 parliamentary election candidates presented on Thursday by Richard Ferrand, the secretary-general of president-elect Emmanuel Macron’s movement République en Marche! (Republic on the Move!), half are political rookies. If this innovation were to lead to achieving a parliamentary majority, then the novelty would be even more destabilising than Macron’s election as France’s head of state. But we’re not there yet.