Macron at risk of losing his Parliamentary majority


Shortly after winning the presidential election in 2017 Emmanuel Macron won a thumping majority at elections for the National Assembly, enabling him to push through his programme of reforms. Now, two months after his re-election as president in April, the head of state has suffered his first electoral setback at a national level. In the first round of voting in legislative elections on Sunday Macron's coalition of parties attracted only a handful more votes than the united left alliance known as NUPES. Though the head of state's centre-right Ensemble alliance is well-placed to win the support of other voters in the decisive second round next Sunday June 19th, his supporters are nonetheless worried he could lose his overall majority in the National Assembly. Ilyes Ramdani reports.

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Emmanuel Macron has failed in his gamble. His political movement attracted the lowest share of the vote in the first round of legislative elections for any president in the history of France's Fifth Republic. The president's Ensemble coalition won the support of 25.75% of the electorate in Sunday's first round, just a fraction ahead of the vote for candidates standing for the broad leftwing alliance NUPES (the Nouvelle Union Populaire Écologique et Sociale) who received the backing of 25.66% of voters. This was a clear rebuff by the electorate compared with the legislative elections in 2017 when the president's political camp won 32% of the vote share, far ahead of any rivals.