French writer Patrick Modiano hits boom abroad since Nobel Prize


Ten works by the 70-year-old author have been published in the US following the award last October, with another six due later this year.

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French writer Patrick Modiano’s work had already been translated into 36 languages before he won the Nobel Prize last year. But only a few of his titles were available in English and several of those had gone out of print.

Mr. Modiano’s French publisher, Gallimard, said the Nobel spurred sales in France, where about 5 million copies of his novels have been sold since he was first published in 1968 at age 23.

In August, Yale University Press issued an English translation of Mr. Modiano’s memoir Pedigree. On September 15th, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt will publish a translation of his latest novel So You Don’t Get Lost In The Neighborhood.

All told, ten of his books have been published in the US since the Nobel announcement last October. English translations of six more novels are due later this year and in 2016. Mr. Modiano, now 70 years old, spoke with The Wall Street Journal at his home in Paris’s 6th arrondissement.

Read the interview with The Wall Street Journal.

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