Why scandal-hit François Fillon could yet win France's presidential elections


While mired in a scandal over allegations that he provided his family with fake jobs paid out of public funds, French conservative party presidential election candidate François Fillon has insisted he will not step down. Fillon, once the front runner in the race and now knocked off his perch and into the back line of contenders, has become a largely inaudible candidate, his public appearances compromised by regular protests, while his statements denying any wrongdoing have been notable by the frequent contradictions of his explanations. But he still believes in his chances of election. Mediapart political analyst Hubert Huertas argues here why he might well be right.

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In the memory of living political journalists, there has never been anything like it. Here is a major figure in the French presidential election race who has become embroiled in a scandal that prevents him from effectively pursuing his bid, and yet who can still win the contest.