How French PM was 'evacuated' from his home close to terror attacks

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Mediapart can reveal how during the Paris terror attacks on Friday night security service agents hastily removed France's prime minister Manuel Valls from his home which is just 300 metres from the scene of one of the restaurant shootings. At the same time, however, witnesses have complained that it took police around ten minutes to arrive at the scenes of the shootings as the gunmen rapidly made their murderous passage through the capital without once encountering a police unit. Karl Laske and Louise Fessard report.

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“The police evacuated Monsieur Valls five minutes after the gunfire.” That is the account of the owner of a café located next to French prime minister Manuel Valls's home in Paris's 11th arrondissement, which is some 300 metres from rue de Charonne, one of the scenes of the terrorist shootings that hit the French capital on November 13th. “We heard the gunfire and we thought it was a settling of scores,” the café boss told Mediapart. “A person came running and she went towards the police who were opposite. They adopted the firing position, taking aim. Monsieur Valls left very quickly.”