Rama Yade, a loose cannon disarmed


Rama Yade (pictured, left) is a young, gifted and black French politician who rose from a relative nowhere to become one of France's most popular public figures. A protégé of Nicolas Sarkozy, she served three years in government before her outspokenness and disobedience of the president saw her fired in last November's government reshuffle. But this loose cannon has been quickly disarmed; she's just accepted the post of permanent French ambassador to UNESCO. In this interview with Mediapart, we ask her whether she's become another example of an ex-minister joining the gravy train.

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After her entry into President Nicolas Sarkozy's first government in 2007 at the age of 30, plucked from relatively nowhere, Senegalese-born Rama Yade rose swiftly, according to public opinion surveys, to become one of France's most popular political figures.