Christiane Taubira quits: the last left-winger in the French government has now gone


Justice minister Christiane Taubira quit the French government on Wednesday January 27th over her opposition to controversial plans to strip dual nationals of their French citizenship if they are convicted of terrorism. To the last this iconic figure on the left of French politics showed her flamboyance, Tweeting that “sometimes resisting means going” and later declaring: “I leave the government over a major political disagreement.” As Mediapart's political correspondent Lénaïg Bredoux reports, her replacement as justice minister by Jean-Jacques Urvoas, a close ally of prime minister Manuel Valls, is the final step by this government towards the liberal and security-based political line that President François Hollande has been seeking.

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It is the first major consequence of the decision by President François Hollande to revise the French Constitution in the wake of the terror attacks on Paris in November 2015. On the morning of Wednesday January 27th, justice minister Christiane Taubira resigned from the government because of her opposition to controversial plans to strip convicted terrorists with dual nationality of their French citizenship.