The new French government


The composition of a new French government was announced Tuesday evening, one day after Prime Minister Manuel Valls presented the collective resignation of his first government following deep divisions over economic policy. Valls’s new government is the third to be formed under the presidency of François Hollande - and also in the space of barely five months. Purged of the outspoken anti-austerity left-wing of the Socialist Party, it notably sees Emmanuel Macron, 36, a former banker, civil servant and deputy chief-of-staff to President François Hollande appointed as economy and industry minister, replacing Arnaud Montebourg whose fierce public attacks against government policies this weekend sparked the crisis. The 16-member cabinet, composed of equal numbers of men and women, is largely a minor reshuffle, with no changes among the powerful  ministries of foreign affairs, ecology, finance, defence and the interior. Outgoing justice minister Christiane Taubira, who was rumoured to be among the leftists to refuse further participation in government, has been re-appointed to her post, while outgoing anti-austerity education minister and ally of Montebourg's, Benoît Hamon, has been replaced by former women's rights and sport minister Najat Vallaud-Belkacem. Green party members refused to take part in the cabinet, mostly made up of Socialist Party ministers but which continues to include allies from the Radical Party of the Left. Mediapart presents the makeup of the new government.

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The new French government cabinet (senior ministers):