Historic appeal against climate crime ahead of Paris conference


The climate conference scheduled for Paris in December is the latest in a long line of bureaucratic gatherings that have so far failed to deliver on promises of fighting climate change. Now 100 prominent world figures have signed a mould-breaking appeal which seeks to bypass the endless discussions and instead calls for a social “uprising” against climate crime just as past campaigners sought to end slavery and apartheid. Jade Lindgaard explains why Mediapart is associating itself with this dramatic appeal.

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Enough of the delaying tactics on climate. Now is the time to take action, to force states and industries to leave fossil fuels in the ground. This is the main message of a call to action from environmentalist group 350.org and anti-globalisation group Attac to stop what they call “climate crimes”. The call has been signed by 100 international figures ahead of COP 21, the United Nations Climate Conference in Paris from November 30th to December 11th, and is supported by Mediapart. You can read the full text of the call to action in English in the Club section or in French here.