The surge of anti-Semitism in a Paris suburb once a model of co-existence


Earlier this month, the south-east Paris suburb of Créteil became a symbol of the sharp recent rise in anti-Semitic crimes committed in France when a young Jewish couple were the target of a vicious attack by three armed men who had come to rob them because, the assailants explained after their arrest, they were Jewish and therefore rich. The arrested men, who repeatedly raped the young woman victim during the robbery, are also suspected of being behind the beating-up of an elderly Jewish man at his home just weeks earlier. Lucie Delaporte reports from Créteil, where over several weeks, before and after the attack on the young couple, she interviewed members of the Jewish community who spoke candidly of their fears of anti-Semitic violence and why they believe it has become rampant in a suburb once regarded as a model of co-existence between religious and ethnic groups. 

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On December 1st, a young Jewish couple were the victims of a horrific attack in the Paris suburb of Créteil. Jonathan (last name withheld), 21, and his 19 year-old girlfriend were alone in his family’s apartment, in ‘The Port’ neighbourhood of the suburb, when three men rang at the front door in the early afternoon. The three intruders, armed with an automatic pistol and a pump-action shotgun, tied up the young man and then repeatedly raped his companion and ransacked their apartment before fleeing with items they robbed.