Chilean director Raúl Ruiz showcased at Paris festival


Chilean film director Raúl Ruiz brought a highly individual and sometimes surrealist approach to ostensibly factual subjects, taking them to new dimensions and challenging the viewer’s regard and understanding of events. Now, seven months after his death, the Paris international documentary festival Le Cinéma du Réel is showcasing his work, including some rare footage. Ludovic Lamant reports on what is a must-see event for every fan of the man who was arguably the most original director in contemporary cinema.

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Javier Packer-Comyn, director of the Cinéma du Réel, the international documentary festival held at the Paris Centre Pompidou arts centre until April 3rd (1), was taking something of a risk when he chose to make a posthumous tribute to Chilean film director Raúl Ruiz this year. For Ruiz’s circuitous, surreal storytelling is anything but typical of the documentary genre.