The 'double heritage' behind the crisis in Greece


Following the creation of an independent Greece in 1830, the country’s administration has been significantly shaped by European models, while its cultural, religious and historical heritage, along with its geographical situation, have given the country, the first European state to have emerged from the Ottoman Empire, an exceptional political and economic destiny. In this interview with Joseph Confavreux, Geneva-based historian Dimitri Skopelitis offers a historical insight into the nature of the current turmoil in Greece, tottering on the brink of bankruptcy, its future within the European Union still uncertain, and the complex relationship between the population and the State.

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In their co-written work, Construire la Grèce, 1770-1843 (1) - 'Building Greece' - Geneva-based historians Dimitri Skopelitis and Dimitri Zufferey analyse the many influences that have shaped the construction of modern Greece, the first European state to have emerged from the Ottoman Empire.