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How Sindh province is still struggling to recover after Pakistan's devastating floods

In this particularly poor area of south-east Pakistan, several towns and villages are still under water nearly three months after the monsoon rains this summer which caused widespread and massive flooding. As Mediapart's Nejma Brahim reports from the province, poverty and illness are rife among those left homeless, some of whom feel abandoned to their fate.

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Submerged fields stretch as far as the eye can see, with refugees living in makeshift camps on every scrap of land available on the outskirts of stricken villages. Since the terrible floods three months ago the roads of Sindh province in south-east Pakistan have resembled a scene from a disaster movie; entire villages have been covered in water, inhabitants have drowned, crops have been destroyed and millions of displaced persons, who were forced to flee their homes as the floodwaters advanced, have lost all or nearly of their personal belongings and are mired in deep poverty.

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