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France vows zero impunity for its troops in African sex abuse case

President Hollande says if reports that its soldiers abused children in Central African Republic are true it would be a 'stain on France's honour'.

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French President François Hollande and UN chief Ban Ki-moon vowed zero impunity Friday for troops accused in a Central African Republic sex scandal, as the United Nations pledged to stamp out abuse during peacekeeping missions, reports New Vision.
The commitments came a day after the United Nations said more than 100 victims had come forward in the conflict-torn country with horrifying new accounts of sexual abuse -- including bestiality -- by UN peacekeepers and French forces.
In light of the new allegations, Hollande and the UN secretary-general "expressed the desire to establish the truth, and to reject any impunity," the French presidency said in a statement.
Speaking on the sidelines of a nuclear security summit in Washington, Hollande said that, if true, the allegations would be a "stain on France's honour."
"We cannot -- and I cannot -- accept the slightest stain on the reputation of our armed forces or of France," he said.

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