Outcry as future European Commission set for massive male domination


Future European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, due to take up his functions this autumn, already faces an immediate problem as he composes his list of 28 European commissioners. For out of the 23 nominations so far officialised, only four are women. That represents five less than the outgoing commission, whose female contingent have now co-signed an open letter to Juncker demanding he find at least ten women. As Mediapart’s Brussels correspondent Ludavic Lamant reports, there is increasing uproar over the issue, notably among members of the European Parliament to who Juncker must submit his final list of commissioners for approval.

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It became abundantly clear this week that the make-up of the future team of commissioners to serve under the next European Commission (EC) President, Jean-Claude Juncker, whose term begins in November, will be very far indeed from meeting gender parity.