Army general denounces France's role in the Rwanda genocide

By David Servenay

Former army corps general Jean Varret is the most senior French officer yet to criticise France’s actions in the East African state of Rwanda in the years immediately preceding the 1994 genocide in the country. Interviewed as part of a joint investigation by Mediapart and Radio France into the events 25 years ago, Varret denounced the role and “faults” of a “military lobby” directing French policy, and how the warnings of the horror to come were ignored by his military and political masters.   

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Former four-star French army general Jean Varret, 84, whose career spanned more than three decades in France’s armed forces, has for the first time agreed to give his account of the political and military “faults” committed by France in the run-up to the 1994 genocide in Rwanda of mostly Tutsi victims, directed by the Hutu regime in place.