Paris court rules against Apple in case against 'tax evasion' protestors acting in 'general interest'

At the end of a legal case brought by tech giant Apple against alter-globalisation organisation ATTAC, in which the tech giant sought a three-year ban on activists demonstrating in and outside its stores in France to highlight the firm’s tax-avoidance schemes, a Paris court has ruled in favour of ATTAC, describing its campaign as being in the “general interest”. Martine Orange reports.

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Following a series of demonstrations led by alter-globalisation group ATTAC in France at Apple stores across France last year, the US corporation filed a lawsuit last December to demand that the militants be served a three-year ban on any further protest stunts, aimed at embarrassing the firm for its alleged tax-dodging, under threat of a fine of 150,000 euros for every recurrence of the campaign.

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