Will Paris pay a steep price for hosting 2024 Olympics?


An agreement struck between Los Angeles and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) over 2028 has left the way open for Paris to be the host nation for the 2024 Games. While rival cities have pulled out of the race for budgetary reasons, officials behind the French bid insist they will keep to their budget of 6.6 billion euros. But as Antton Rouget reports, there are nonetheless real risks of an overspend, especially on security.

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One imagined that the announcement would be made as a jubilant French delegation celebrated in front of the world's television cameras. But when it came, the announcement that France is set to host the 2024 Olympic Games was low-key and made, in effect, by the mayor of Los Angeles Eric Garcetti. Having reached a financial agreement with the event's ruling body the International Olympic Committee (IOC), Garcetti announced that the American West Coast city would be hosting the Games in 2018. With its last serious rival thus out of the running, this leaves the way open for Paris to be designated the host city for 2024 at the next session of the IOC, to be held in Lima on September 13th.