How oil firm represents France on UN fuel pollution body


A committee of the UN's International Maritime Organization is discussing ways to reduce the sulphur content in marine fuels, a pollutant said to be responsible for up to 50,000 deaths a year in Europe alone. But France's representative on the body is an employee of French oil firm Total - which produces those very same marine fuels. As Jade Lindgaard reports, there is embarrassment in Paris over this apparently flagrant conflict of interest.

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Commercial shipping gets a fairly ease ride from climate change policies, despite being a massive emitter of carbon dioxide, though the industry does face calls for tightening rules on marine fuel pollution. Yet even here the shipping sector may be able to postpone anti-pollution moves, thanks to the influence of lobby groups on its world governing body. Indeed, Mediapart can reveal that a senior employee of oil giant Total, which produces marine fuels, is currently representing the French government in key discussions on the issue.