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The air pollution threat posed by Paris's 2024 Olympic Games preparations

In readiness for the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris the authorities are building a new motorway junction to service the Olympic Village for athletes. However, this busy junction at Saint-Denis, north of Paris, is close to a school complex for 700 pupils. French administrative courts have just approved the project, despite the fact that, as documents seen by Mediapart show, the junction is likely to worsen air pollution in the area. Opponents meanwhile point to anti-pollution measures taken outside schools in the centre of the capital and claim that pupils in the city's rundown suburbs are being discriminated against. Jade Lindgaard reports.

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A French administrative court has just approved the building of a new motorway junction close to schools attended by 700 pupils and in a working class town of Saint-Denis north of Paris which is already heavily congested and polluted. The work, part of the preparations for the Olympic Games being staged in Paris in 2024, involves building two additional entry and exit slip roads off the A 86 motorway close to the major Pleyel crossroads by 2023.

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